Wedding To Do List Template

A Wedding is not just a common party that if you screw this one, you will have another after a month or year but a wedding is the celebration event of joining two people in a relationship for eternity. This needs to be perfect both for the happy couple and the guests who are coming to the ceremony. But the problem is that even a simple wedding has thousands tasks to be done at the right time and it’s not a job of one person to handle all kinds of tasks or responsibilities. This is the reason that in most weddings, the organizer divides the tasks to different persons in the family such as the brothers are responsible for the flowers and table arrangements where the cousins are taking care of food and sitting plans. The sisters are helping in selecting the dresses for both bride and groom and the older members are just supervising the whole gang. But this can be done with more efficiency if the organizer prepares a wedding to do list. It’s a list which contains all the tasks that needs to be done for a perfect wedding.

Benefits of having a wedding to do list:
The most important benefit of preparing a wedding to do list is that this way the supervisor can divide the responsibilities to more than one person and he or she has no need to worry about each and everything personally. This way the most important tasks can be done before the less important ones and at any stage, it’s very easy to find out if everything is right on schedule or there is a delay. It’s a common thing that in wedding, people lose control of money and spend more than they are supposed to but by making this list, you can allocate budget to each item and then you have to complete each task by staying inside the expense limits. By having this list, there is no way that there will be any surprises or unusual incidents because now you are keeping track of each single step towards the finish line.

Here is preview of this Wedding  To Do List Template ,

Wedding To Do List Template

Here are some Guidelines to create a Wedding To Do List:

  • Start by putting your and your partner’s name on the top of the list of writing a specific name if it’s a themed wedding.
  • Then put the date when you going to married so that while planning this list, you keep the remaining days in mind.
  • Put the most important tasks on the top or just put anything and later highlight those tasks that are more important than others.
  • In front of each task, put the name of the person who you will nominate as the in charge of that task, the estimated duration each task will need and the final date by which you want that task to be done for each task.
  • Put the budget or the price of each task in front of it so you don’t lose the track over time and always stay inside the budget.
  • You can either put the tasks in a list or put the same tasks in separate categories.

Here is download link for this Wedding To Do List Template,

Download Wedding To Do List Template