Trip Packing List Template

A trip itself sounds like an amazing thing and a unique adventure but packing for a trip is not that interesting task. It’s so boring that most people usually try to do it without any consideration and taking a notice that what actually they are packing. Also some people hate packing because no matter what they do, they always mess up by taking useless things with them and leaving the important stuff at home. For example you are going on a vacation trip for 1 week and you have decided to travel through train. You can’t pack whatever you want or lying in before you but you need to choose wisely as you don’t want to drag heavy suitcases and travelling bags for the entire trip when you won’t even use that much stuff. A trip pacing list is actually an organizer that makes sure that you have packed all the needed items and there is nothing useless or irrelevant in the stuff that you won’t need on the trip.

Benefits of using a Trip Packing List:
there are number of advantages of using this packing list but the most important benefit is that this way you minimize your stuff that you want to carry by eliminating the items that are not necessary to carry around. Also when you are actually packing, you use it as a checklist to make sure that everything is packed and you are not leaving anything behind. This way you can make sure if you have enough bags or suitcases for all of your stuff or you need to buy a new bag or have to leave some stuff behind. During the trip, you don’t need to open all the bags just to find a body lotion but you just take a look on the packing list and find out that the lotion is in the red bag under the night pajamas.

Here is preview of this Free Trip Packing List Template created using MS Excel,

Trip Packing List Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Trip Packing List:

  • First of all you need to choose if you want to make this list on computer using a spreadsheet or on a paper. Both are fine and there is not much difference between them either.
  • Start by putting a headline on the top of the list such as “My packing list” or “Trip packing list”. This way if you lose it in the house somewhere, others can help you to find it if you have named it in this way.
  • Then mention the date when you are going on trip and also mention the place where you are going, the hotel or beach house where you will stay and the duration of your trip in that place.
  • Then divide your luggage into various categories such as clothes, bath products, night wares, shoes, body lotions and sun blocks and packed food items. This way you can easily count if you are missing something or there is something useless in the luggage.
  • Start by mentioning all your clothes in the “Clothing” section. Here you can add how much dresses you will need and how much of each item you want to pack such as shirts, pants, trouser, neck warmers, leg warmers, socks etc.
  • Then jump to the “Bath products” section in which you make sure that you are only packing those items which are customized or you won’t find them during the trip. The stuff that you can find anywhere in the world is not worth packing or carrying.

Same like above, go through each category and at the end, proofread the whole list just to make sure if you find any mistake of if there is something you didn’t add.

Here is download link for this Trip Packing List Template,

Download Trip Packing List Template