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Loan Payback Period Calculator Template

Payback period is referred as a time required recouping the funds expended in an investment or to reach the break-even point. The payback period is important to determine for the success of any project, because it will help you to know about the desirable investment positions. Payback period is calculated as: Payback Period = Cost • Read More »

Retirement Income Tax Template

Retirement Income Tax Template is a MS Excel 2003 Template for those looking for a way to file their Income Tax Return during their retirement time. This is professional template and can suit anyone’s need perfectly. No doubt, effective retirement planning is the key to ensure a healthy and tension-free retirement life. Income tax is • Read More »

Investment Record Template

Maintenance of precise and up-to-date investment records is really important for the business organization. The investor should have proper tool to keep the investment record. Usually, the business owners invest a lot of money, time and efforts to run their business, but they fail to realize the importance of documentation. Every business owner tries to • Read More »

24 Month Sales Forecast – MS Excel Template

This is a 24 Month Sales Forecast Template that allows any businessman to track 24 month sales forecast for any Fiscal Year. This includes product price as well as quantity variables to record sales. This Sales Forecast Template is very useful for inventory related departments or companies. Forecasting is a particular term that is used • Read More »