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Travel Packing List Template

The most important and key advantage of using a travel packing list is that it’s very hard and complicated for most of us to remember each and everything that we need to pack for a trip and even if you keep remembering the stuff that we will pack, it’s possible that by the time that • Read More »

Annual Report Template

Here is an Annual Report Template that can assist you in the creating your annual financial reports. This report template is created using MS Excel 2007. So you need it or some later version to edit or fill-in this template. As the name indicates this annual report is a detailed description of the activities and • Read More »

Loan Payback Period Calculator Template

Payback period is referred as a time required recouping the funds expended in an investment or to reach the break-even point. The payback period is important to determine for the success of any project, because it will help you to know about the desirable investment positions. Payback period is calculated as: Payback Period = Cost • Read More »

Retirement Income Tax Template

Retirement Income Tax Template is a MS Excel 2003 Template for those looking for a way to file their Income Tax Return during their retirement time. This is professional template and can suit anyone’s need perfectly. No doubt, effective retirement planning is the key to ensure a healthy and tension-free retirement life. Income tax is • Read More »

Investment Record Template

Maintenance of precise and up-to-date investment records is really important for the business organization. The investor should have proper tool to keep the investment record. Usually, the business owners invest a lot of money, time and efforts to run their business, but they fail to realize the importance of documentation. Every business owner tries to • Read More »

24 Month Sales Forecast – MS Excel Template

This is a 24 Month Sales Forecast Template that allows any businessman to track 24 month sales forecast for any Fiscal Year. This includes product price as well as quantity variables to record sales. This Sales Forecast Template is very useful for inventory related departments or companies. Forecasting is a particular term that is used • Read More »

Loan Calculator Template

There are different loan calculators that are available to calculate various loans and existing mortgage. People have different perceptions about home loan calculator, because they thought that it can simply calculate your repayments. There are a number of calculators that can perform a variety of useful functions. The loan calculator helps you to evaluate different • Read More »

Project Task List Template

Do you have one or more projects to manage. You must be looking for some project task list template to organize your project tasks easily. Here is one such template. This Project Task List template is prepared in MS Excel and provides very easy to use interface and handy feature set. The beauty of this • Read More »

Project Management Dashboard Template

Here is Project Management Dashboard Template for everyone looking for managing a big project. This dashboard template make your life very easier while managing different schedules, tasks and issues. It has a pretty feature of bringing in the summary of all schedules, tasks and issues on first sheet. It also give you best way to • Read More »

Sales Dashboard Template

Here is a Sales Dashboard Template for MS Excel. This is a professional excel template with bar and pie charts. It allows you to quickly evaluate the performance of your business by comparing revenue streams by industry, region, product and sales representatives. Comparison of revenues by product is plotted against a Pie Chart which gives • Read More »

Budget Worksheet Templates

Here is a collection of Budget Worksheet Templates. These worksheet templates are collected from internet and all are found to be royalty free. Just download them and start editing them for your needs. All these Budget Worksheet Templates are developed using MS Excel 97 or later. So you should have that version of MS Excel • Read More »

Monthly Sales Projections Template

Here is Monthly Sales Projections Template prepared using MS Excel 2003. This template is designed for tracking monthly sales projections in any business or industry. This is a big generic template and can fit well in any industry. This monthly sales projection template is very flexible and easier to make changes. No matter what kind • Read More »

Grocery List Templates

It is very common in our daily lives to prepare grocery lists either at the end of every week or month. Females usually in a home are responsible for preparing this grocery list but sometimes men do it as well. So a common objective is to get a grocery list template that can help them • Read More »

Moving Average Forecast Template

Here is moving average forecast template that allows any sales staff to prepare moving average forecast based upon a specific period of time. This Moving Average Forecast Template is prepared using MS Excel 2003 and is flexible to be edited. Moving Average is a technical term used in Statistics to refer to a more accurate • Read More »

Personal Budget Template

Here are some Personal Budget Templates that anyone can use to manage his/her financial matters effectively and efficiently. All these Budget Templates are created using MS Excel 97 and hence can easily be edited with the same or later version of MS Excel. The first one is a simple Personal Budget Worksheet while the second • Read More »

Direct Marketing Analysis Template

This is Direct Marketing Analysis Excel Template prepared using MS Excel 2003. Some of its features includes but not limited to Gross Margin per Unit and Direct Mail Cost per Unit. It summarize Net Profit and Break even Point. This Direct Marketing Analysis Template is very useful for Marketing Managers and other related Marketing Staff • Read More »

Price List Template

Every business requires display of price information of their products or services. Hence the need of Price List Template is critical. A professionally prepared Price List has huge impact on its sales. If your customer is not happy the way you are presenting your products, there are less chances he will consider purchasing it. Use • Read More »

Amortization Schedule Template

Are you looking for a good quality Excel Template to do calculation for your next Mortgage Amortization? Here is a great Amortization Schedule Template to share with you. This is prepared using MS Excel 2000 and already includes all necessary formulas and calculations required to compute your Amortization Schedule. You just need to download the • Read More »

Bank Reconciliation Template

Whenever it comes to reconcile your accounts with your bank, you need a Bank Reconciliation template to quickly do the reconciliation work. Here is a MS Excel Template for Bank Reconciliation Sheet. This Bank Reconciliation Template also provides a way to track your outstanding payments as well checks. You can simply download this template and • Read More »

Retirement Budget Template

Retirement Budget Template is a MS Excel 2003 Template which allows people with retirement to plan their budget effectively and efficiently. This template can also be used as simple budget template for everyone to plan their budget accordingly. To tackle the financial issues, the planning is done when you are far from the retirement days. • Read More »