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Direct Marketing Analysis Template

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This is Direct Marketing Analysis Excel Template prepared using MS Excel 2003. Some of its features includes but not limited to Gross Margin per Unit and Direct Mail Cost per Unit. It summarize Net Profit and Break even Point. This Direct Marketing Analysis Template is very useful for Marketing Managers and other related Marketing Staff members.

There are a number of marketing techniques in practice at this time, all around the globe. The success and propagation of a business and many other occasions related to commercial purposes is dependent upon the quality of marketing being done for it. It might be a product, which is to be launched in the market or any new business or business center being started. No matter what it is, the marketing techniques play an important role in this field. Direct marketing is also amongst one of the marketing techniques, which are being widely used in the world today.

Marketing Analysis is a technical report with lots of formulas and important key points to be included in it. Mostly people either forgot it or don’t care much about them while preparing it. In such situation, a ready made direct marketing analysis template can help them reducing their work burden by providing a professionally designed template with all the necessary calculation and formulas in place. I am sure this will save a lot of your valuable time to spend on collecting facts and figures rather than focusing on making a professional marketing analysis report.

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Direct marketing refers to that class of marketing where the manufacturer, industrialist or provider of a product, material or service advertise or market their product directly to the end consumer or customer. This is a straight communication relation among the business and the consumer through e-mails, cell phone text messaging, display ads online (over the internet) or websites which can interact with the customer directly or where the customer can interact etc. Other types of means of this marketing include posters, flyers, newspaper ads and ads on the TV. This is also commonly known by the term of “Direct Response Advertising” in the marketing circles.

Direct marketing analysis is a very concentrated and sensitive nature analysis. It is important to note here that these advertisements not only focus on just conveying the message to the audience (customers or possible customers) but it also focuses on the analytics of the audience, the data and the accountability of this marketing technique as well. So it is quite important in these analyses of the direct marketing to note the targeted audience, their response and responses before and after the marketing has been done. There are a number of methods to analyze the direct marketing. A very common and easy to use is the use of templates available on the Internet. These are prepared for the sole purpose of direct marketing analysis and provide a good time efficient tool for our cause.

A direct marketing analysis is based upon the data as already discussed; hence the data collection is a matter of sensitive nature and of extreme responsibility. The templates start off with the title of the promotion or marketing campaign. There are usually two portions for recording of data titled as Gross Margin per Unit and Direct Market Cost per Unit. Here the analyses required part is the second one, where all the analysis data will go. The templates created of MS Excel will automatically calculate and generate a Direct Market Cost per Unit for the manufacturer or the businessman and hence the analysis is made easier.

After taking into consideration all the costs, the direct marketing cost analysis obtained in the above mentioned method can then be incorporated with the other data and hence direct marketing analysis is completed.

Direct marketing techniques are far easier and effective as compared to the other counterparts since in these, the market, which is the customer is directly targeted and communicated with and hence it generates better results.

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Download Direct Marketing Analysis Template

Price List Template

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Every business requires display of price information of their products or services. Hence the need of Price List Template is critical. A professionally prepared Price List has huge impact on its sales. If your customer is not happy the way you are presenting your products, there are less chances he will consider purchasing it. Use this Price List Template to prepare your own price list no matter what kind of business you are running.

When you launch a new product and you know your business is small then you should be very careful while making price lists of your products. It is necessary to make all of the production expenditure in mind or you may take a professional opinion. It is recommended that you appoint a manager who will manage your accounts and give you assistance in listing your price lists. If you are not in a position to afford a separate employee for accounts then you should take care of some key elements while making your product’s price list.

You should never quote an unreliable price for your product that is will only make you earn the product’s actual price and not any profit included. It will be difficult for you to keep up with such product and then you may receive a huge loss. If you do not care for such little things you will definitely going to burn your firm to ashes.

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The foremost thing you needed to do is to search for the similar products price on internet or via other means. Never take an assumption that what you calculated first will work well for you. Setting your price list is likely to purchase something from market. Just like you want dealer to satisfy you with offering you what you actually expecting from them, you also offer best offer for you customer in your price list and offer them what they expected and needed from you. Try to choose your price comparatively lower than the similar product of other company. Just lower your product to fewer points and it will attract your customer as soon as they look at your product.

You also have to offer some discounts with your price, in such a way that if a customer buy bunch of items he will surely get discount on every dozen of product, in this way you can earn order in bulks and also sell your product in bulk. When you are up to creating your price list you should search for the market that will allow you to sell your product at your choice of price. Otherwise, if you have no customer to afford that no one will going to buy your product and you have to face a big lose there.

Now when you reveal all the major and important points for starting up with your price list you may consult a professional or searching for social media to help you target your audiences and make promotion of your product price lists. This will not cost you much and you can easily negotiate price even if a customer needed to discuss it online with you.

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Download Price List Template

Amortization Schedule Template

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Are you looking for a good quality Excel Template to do calculation for your next Mortgage Amortization? Here is a great Amortization Schedule Template to share with you. This is prepared using MS Excel 2000 and already includes all necessary formulas and calculations required to compute your Amortization Schedule. You just need to download the zip file from the link below and unzip it to extract MS Excel Template. It is very easy to customize and fill in.

The documents prepared in this lieu are of extreme importance since they prove the owner rights to the property. The documents in case of mortgage are of complex nature and of extreme importance, since the ownership of a borrower towards the property is subjected to conditions of payment of loan amount. These documents provide full rights to the bank and any other lender from which the loan might have been acquired; to sell or get hold of the property in case of failing of the borrower to return the amount.

Mortgage documents also find their importance, since these documents are the legal proof of the obtained loan. In case of any mishap these documents are the only proof by either party about the ownership of the property. These documents are important in a sense that in case of any illegal activity, these documents can be presented in court for a proof.

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A number of documents are related to mortgage, from which a few are mentioned:

  • Deed of trust
  • Note
  • Good Faith Estimate
  • Truth in Lending Statement
  • HUD 1 Settlement Statement
  • Initial Escrow Statement
  • Mortgage Servicing Disclosure statement
  • Deed

These all documents are important in one way or the other. The details of these documents reveal that these are responsible for the mortgage agreements, agreement of a fixed installment payment between the borrower and the bank, the rights of the property, the total amount of money that has to be paid and all the details of transfer of ownership from the buyer to the bank and then to the borrower upon the payment of loan amount. Mortgage documents have immense importance, since in the present world everything works on proof rather than oral promises.

Here is download link for this Amortization Schedule Template,

Download Amortization Schedule Template

Bank Reconciliation Template

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Whenever it comes to reconcile your accounts with your bank, you need a Bank Reconciliation template to quickly do the reconciliation work. Here is a MS Excel Template for Bank Reconciliation Sheet. This Bank Reconciliation Template also provides a way to track your outstanding payments as well checks. You can simply download this template and get started with your task without taking care of accuracy or calculation problems.

Bank reconciliation process is a very common accounting term that is conducted by individuals and companies in order to verify any kind of errors or mistakes in time. It’s also a very easy and convenient way to find the exact balance in the bank accounts. In simple words, this is a process in which individuals collect account statements from banks and compare them with their book statements that are kept by each individual. This way, if there is any difference in the balance at the end, it’s very easy to locate the mistake and correct it in time.

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Benefits of reconciliation process:

  • First of all, this process is a great and easy way to detect any frauds conducted by the accountants of a company or the bank in which a company holds an account.
  • This process if an effective way to indicate any errors made by the bank.
  • When many payments are in process, it’s very complicated to analyze the cash in hands or in the bank accounts. With preparing reconciliation statements, it’s easy to locate the draw outs, deposits, and cash withdrawn and bounce checks.

Common reconciliation process:

1.     Regulating the balance according to the bank:
This is the first step in the reconciliation process in which each individual customer or account holder in a bank matches the bank statement with his own statements and deducts and adds various items such as taxes, deposits in transaction and outstanding checks. Here if the bank statement has any kind of error which is very possible, it’s very easy to locate and let the bank know about their mistake.

2.     Regulating the balance per book:
Book is the document which is kept by each individual in order to compare the bank statements with his own statements or figures. Just like the above step, this step also needs each individual to compare his book figures with bank statements in order to deduct and add various elements such as services charges of banks, returned checks, interest earned and notes receivables. At this point, if the book has any kind of errors, each individual can correct those mistakes in time.

3.     Comparison of adjusted balances:
Once the bank statement and book balance are all corrected and analyzed, it’s time to compare these two figures. For having everything in order and correct, it’s important that these two balances match exactly. There shouldn’t be any difference in these two balances or statements not for even a single dollar. This way, individuals and companies verify that their accounts are running safely and there won’t be any surprises in the future.

4.     Preparing journal entries:
Once all the above steps are taken care of, it’s time to prepare journal entries in order to note down the changes that were made in the second step (regulating the balance per book). If the adjustment is increasing the balance in the book, journal entry will show cash debited where if the adjustment decreases the balance, the entry will indicate cash credited in the book.  

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Download this Bank Reconciliation Template