School Certificate Template

Here is a great School Certificate Template. School management usually encourages their students by awarding them Student of Month certificates. Sometimes, there is quite a healthy competition to win such certificate among students. This Certificate Template is created using MS Word 2007 so that even a layman can easily edit it. Feel free to tailor it as per your needs after downloading. Don’t forget to put your school’s logo before printing.

Educational certificates are usually made on card paper and a themed color for the institution is chosen as the theme color of the certificate. The institution name is designed at the top of the certificate and it follows the title for which the certificate is being issued. An institution however can have one certificate designed to use for multiple scenarios with a space left in the certificate to fill in the purpose of the certificate. In such certificates a statement of recognition is printed where relevant spaces are left for filling in later for every individual student for whom the certificate will be issued. For primary schools and schools involving kids, small objects like ribbons and appreciative print designs are created on the certificates to encourage the students to perform well in the future as well. On the other hand, for certificates for elder students, encouraging statements like “best of luck” and “well performed” etc. are mentioned.

If you need more variety then I strongly recommend you to have a look at these certificate templates created by

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