Sales Call List Template

Unlike a few decades back, now companies prefer to sell their products on telephone and it means there is no need to meet the clients personally. Business on telephone and internet is very popular these days and many companies have implemented this technique in their branches. Sales representatives call on the numbers they are provided by the office and after greeting the receiver, they represent him the product they are selling and convince him to buy it. There is no doubt that it’s an excellent idea but the problem is that the manager can’t figure out or find what his staff is talking on the phone and how is their behavior towards the clients. To overcome this problem, the sales representatives are asked to record their conversations so that the supervisor can listen to them later and point out the mistakes their staff is making while talking.

Although most of the companies are using this technology but the fact is that this is very latest and expensive technology and if your company is not that big, you can’t afford to use this program. So to solve this issue, there is another way which is not that good but still effective in a way. In this method, the sales staff is required to write down the data related to the call they have just made. It includes all the information such as the name of the person on the other end, his occupation, age, sex, monthly earning, living class, stuff that the salesman has introduced him with and his comment on the call. This all goes into a book or log which is called sales call list. This way a sales representative record the information about all the calls he has made today and when it’s go time, he handover this list to his supervisor who reviews it and if he wants, he calls random persons to make sure that they are satisfied and the sales staff is doing just fine. Some offices use manual work in which one has to write down all of this by hand where others use computer spreadsheet in which the data is entered in computer and saved in virtual memory. This way it’s much easier to share the data with other staff member and you just need to email them the data file at the end of each day.

Here is preview of this Free Sales Call List Template created using MS Excel,

Sales Call List Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Sales Call List:

  • First of all, put the name of the company or a specific department on the top of the list along with the name of the supervisor and the person who is entering data in the list.
  • Then you need to mention the date when the data is entered along with your duty hours such as 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • The first column on the left hand is for the serial numbers of called person so that at the end, it’s not difficult to count the number.
  • Then the second column is for the name of the person who picked up the phone along with his telephone number just to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • There you need to mention the product(s) you introduced to him and highlight those which he wanted to buy or already bought.
  • Then mention the total amount of items that you sold to each person along with the discounts that you gave each one of them.
  • Then include the exact time when you made the call along with the call duration.
  • At the end if that person didn’t buy anything from you, mention the reasons of this loss and if that person said anything in particular, mention that too.

Here is download link for this Sales Call List Template,

Download Sales Call List Template