Project Punch List Template

A Punch List is actually a tasks list or another form of a to-do-list. It is implemented in so many industries and organizations but sometimes it’s also referred as “Snag list”. Unlike a to-do-list, a punch list includes the small tasks that need to be done at the end of a project so it is not related to the project directly but it’s prepared just to make sure if everything is in order once the project is finished and ready to deliver. The reason it’s called a punch list is that when the supervisor checks a task and verifies that it’s completed in the pre-defined way, he punches a whole on the task to mention that it’s completed and ready to deliver. A few years back, managements used to operate on this method but as technology swooped in to the business and offices, now people use a digital form of this list which is by the way still called a punch list. This way it’s easier to make it, modify it, deliver it to employees and get their feedback without any delay.

Here is preview of this Project Punch List Template created using MS Excel,

Project Punch List Template

It’s not only implemented in corporate firms and offices but a lot of other industries also use this list. For example when an equipment is installed in an office, the workers has to perform a number of tasks to make sure if it’s in the right place and everything is working in the right way. So they use this list to observe the installation and afterwards operations before handing it over to the operators and employees in that place. In this scenario, the contractor or the supervisor starts the equipment and listen to the sounds it’s making to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. He also uses measuring instruments to make sure that each part is moving in the way it’s meant to be and the equipment is ready to operate in the proper way. When it comes to a project in an office or organization, the same process is repeated. Once the project is finished, before handing it over to the client, the inspection team or the analyzers examine it to make sure there are no loop holes and it’s all according to the client’s requirements.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Project Punch List:

  • It starts providing the project related information on the top of the list such as department name, name of project, project manager and team members, client’s name, starting date and estimated date of completing it.
  • Once the above part is done, you need to make a list of each task that you want to perform once the project is done. There is no need to complete this list before the project starts or ends but you can also update it when the project is ongoing and you find some areas that will need to be examined thoroughly once it’s all finished.
  • Then mention the name of the person who will supervise each individual task and in case it’s under one person’s supervision; you should put his name at the upper part of the list.
  • Provide an estimated time to complete each task and the date before it’s essential to be completed.
  • Ask for the comments of supervisor for each task and gather all that information to overcome the mistakes, errors and faults in the project.

Here is download link for this Project Punch List Template,

Download Project Punch List Template