Product Price List Template

Basically there are two types of prices; retail and wholesale. In retail, the customer has to pay more but he can buy a single item or just one product where on the other hand, in wholesale the customer gets discount on buying stuff but he has to buy in bulk quantity. Before that happens, when a customer walks in a shop or company, he first finds out the products that company or shop is making and their prices. Then he asks if he can get any kind of discount on the purchasing such as get 3 items in price of 2 or something else. A product price list is something that provides all the above mentioned information to a customer without having an actual talk with him or her. This way customer first makes sure that he is in the right place and this shop sells what he wants and then he takes a look at the price and thinks if he can afford it or it’s an expensive place. In that case, he simply walks out the door and looks for another cheaper seller or supplier.

Benefits of a Product Price List are:
The first and most important benefit of having a product price list is that it saves a lot of time on both ends; buyer and seller. This way the customer doesn’t need to wait for 10 minutes to get his turn and ask if this company or shop is selling what he wants or if it’s prices are affordable or not. When a customer takes a look at the price list, he can make sure that this is the right place for him and if he will be able to pay for the stuff he wants to buy or not. By having a price list, customers can compare two or more vendors or suppliers to see which one is cheaper and this has good effects on him to build long term relations with the supplier.

Here is preview of this Product Price List Template created using Microsoft Excel,

Product Price List Template

Here are some Guidelines to create a Product Price List:

  • A simple price list includes two columns; one for the names of products and the other for their prices.
  • Before starting, decide if you want to print this list on a simple paper or want to use colored sheets such as green, red or blue. Also make sure if you want to print on one side of the page or both sides depending upon the way you will display it in or outside the shop or office.
  • If you are making a price quotation on request of a customer, print it on company letterhead. It’s more professional this way.
  • Start by putting your company’s name and logo at the top of the list and then below that, put the street address and contact numbers.
  • Start by enlisting all the product names on the left side of the paper along with a serial number which will help in counting the total number of products.
  • In front of each product, put its price and minimum available quantity.
  • If you accept credit cards and gift vouchers, put that note here in the bottom of the list.

Here is download link for this Product Price List Template,

Download Product Price List Template