Kids Chore List Template

When parents see the number of tasks in the house, they may want to make a chore list for the kids. There are many tasks and maintenance works around the house that can be done by the kids and there is no need to involve an adult or grown man. But it’s important that this list is prepared by keeping the ages of all the kids in mind because a little kid won’t be able to do a heavy task and it will bore him that he can’t perform a work where a childish work can upset a teenager that he is should be provided a much more responsible work as compared to this childish task because that way, the results will tell that they are grown ups and mature to handle the responsibility. Chores for little kids are very important to make with great consideration because a 2 to 3 years old child can’t do any mature work but he wants to do so as he sees that his siblings are doing. And also it’s very important that when the kid completes his work, he should be praised in a great way to tell him that he has done a wonderful job.

There are many books and websites on internet that help the parents to set the chores for their kids according to their age but you can prepare a list by analyzing the activities and interest of your kid. For example you can ask the child to pick up his toys from all the rooms and keep them in a box under his bed or you can ask him to set the silverware on the dining table. You can also ask the kid to help the mother in dusting the house or picking up the food particles off the carpet. Father can ask the child to help him picking up the stones from the lawn so that afterwards, he can sit on the lawn mower with his father and mow the lawn grass. The most important chore is to ask the kids to make their beds every morning so the mother has no need to do that for them. This way they can learn to manage their rooms and keep them clean and arranged without outside help.

Here is preview of this Kids Chore List Template,

Kids Chore List Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Chore List for Kids:

  • Start the list by putting the name of the person who is in charge or inspecting all the chore tasks.
  • Then provide a definite date when all the kids are supposed to provide their services for the chore or if they have to generally do it, there is no need for a date.
  • Then put the names of all the kids in the house along with their ages and the tasks they like to do according to their own moods and nature.
  • Then put the list of tasks that you want the kids to do in the house and then put the name of kids in front of each task which you want each one of them to do.
  • If there is any reward for the completion or finishing before time, mention that at the end. This is just a way to motivate the kids to take interest in it.

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Download Kids Chore List Template