Weekly Planner Templates

Here goes the Free Templates of Weekly Planner. It has been always critical for a business individual or a teacher to plan his/her week effectively and efficiently. These Free Weekly Planner Templates will allow you to not only plan your week but also to optimize it by re-adjusting them.

Planning is very important part of one’s life and using a planner essential to stay organized. Main purpose of using a planner is to prioritize your activities whether they are daily based, weekly or monthly. There are many benefits of using planner like it organizes your life, increases your productivity and also boost up your confidence. It keeps you away from skipping the things and over commitment as well. You can have these benefits in just a case to use a planner in the right way. Basically making a planner is not such an important as maintaining it and using it correctly. How you can use a planner to organize your routine tasks? Read the following:

  • First of all setting weekly basis goals and objectives is very important because this is the only way in which you can make a good planner and can also follow it. You must be aware of what you have to do in this week then you can move on to create weekly planner.
  • Making a right planner is very important. There are so many options for you to make a good planner for you. They may include diaries, to do lists, calendars, PDAs, phone applications and computer programs like spreadsheets. Choose the best one to suit your requirements and help you to stay organized.
  • After making a right planner, you should scan and map out most important things to be done in week. There may be something special like an event, appointment, birthday and anniversary. This thing will help you to accomplish important tasks on priority basis. It would be best if you keep special events highlight. Such things should not be lost in the other contents of your weekly planner.
  • If you see lots of tasks to do in week and have less time, you should manage them within your personal time. You will have to skip your entertainment like watching TV, reading and any other activity you do in your personal time.
  • You need to plan ahead for accomplishing your weekly basis tasks. Just keep writing important things in your diary and keep viewing it regularly.
  • It is also important to take notice that your planner is working in the right way and you are perfectly doing your tasks. Your planner must be perfect in the way to help you accomplish all your tasks and activities.
  • You must be punctual and keep focus on your planner. This is such an effort that can make you stay organized to do your tasks. In this way, you will be addicted to work in time.
  • It is necessary to have your planner with you every time or you must keep it in a prominent place where you spend most of your time like in kitchen, lounge or anywhere. You must coordinate with your weekly planner throughout the day to remember the things to be done.

These are important tips that you can follow to make and then use a weekly planner. You can better save and manage your time if you will follow the tips given above.


These weekly planner templates are in MS Excel Format and very easy to edit.

One of them is for Class Teachers to plan their weekly class scheduled and effectively manage his or her time.

Second is for every one looking for a way to plan weekly meel. It will not only allow you to manage breakfast, lunch and dinner but also snack time which is most common on big families.

Here are download links of both of these Free Templates of Weekly Planner.

Download Teacher’s Class Weekly Planner Template

Download Everyone’s Home Meel Weekly Planner Template