Free Quotation Templates

In every business, you need to prepare and submit quotations. Here are a couple of good looking Quotation Templates that will assist you in the job of creating professional quality Quotations for your clients. These quotation templates are preparing using MS Word and hence can easily be edited after downloading. One can easily record as many items as he/she want in these quotations. Moreover, it also has roam for tax and related expenses. These Quotation Templates are free to use and anyone can download from the links below.

Quotations play an important role in the business initiation today. Customers are more interested in acquiring and comparing the quotations than to go straight away in the business deal with any businessman or company. Quotations give the customers a good enough idea of the prices and the services or product features which will be provided to them on the said cost. Quotation is not only helpful to this member of a business procedure; in fact the businessman or the company is also comfortable through the quotation that the customer is well aware of their deals and offers and there are bright chances of them getting this deal done. This gives rise to a healthy competition in the market where there are a number of businessmen competing against each other.

Quotations are to be designed with extreme care and expertise since it is sort of the first documented impression which your customer is going to have from your side. To design the quotations in a professional manner a few important things should be kept in mind; in order to not only get the deal done with the customer, in fact to leave a good impression and to convince the customer’s will to tend them to come to you. It can be turned to a sort of marketing weapon, if done properly.

Here are previews and download links of these Free Quotation Templates.


Download Quotation Template


Download Quotation Template 2

To design the quotations in a professional and effective manner; one should keep the following few important points in mind while working on a customer’s required product quotation.

The first and foremost part of a quotation includes the name of the referee and the company name (if the customer is related to another company you are doing business with) and the address of the customer. This should be done in complete details and without any mistakes to leave a good impression. A few complimentary words can be added as starting lines to express a sense of gratitude for their interest in your product or services; but this must not be pulled to a long hi-hellos.

After the starting, be brief and to the point about your quotation. Answer the queries the customer might be asking you and answers must be readily understandable without any complexities. The product or service or whatever the customer was interested in should be described to full of your knowledge and to enhance the market of your product/service; but the customer must not be misguided at any point.

Include the timing delays if the products are to be shipped or if the services are scheduled to be provided in the future. This will help the customer and you as well in adjusting accordingly. Quotations are usually written from over the waters, so keep the timing factors and distances in mind since it is a must to-do professional approach.

Inform the customers about the pricing or cost of products/services. If there are any other charges like that of shipment or other clearances included in the deal, specify them as a separate point so as to avoid any confusions amongst both of you. Any terms and conditions attached to the deal must be mentioned.