Car Maintenance List Template

When someone talks about maintaining a vehicle such as family car, the key purpose of that work is to keep the car good and working condition. Car maintenance is also referred to the periodic checkup of a car to make sure that every part is in good shape and if any equipment needs to be replaced, it does. This prevents the car from a major breakdown or huge repair needs because when you provide monthly maintenance checkup to your car, you finds out about the faults and broken parts in time and that doesn’t allow those faulty parts to cause any major damage to the car or its engine.  The most common maintenance work is changing the engine oil, checking the tires and brakes, alignment of the vehicle and other fuels in the engine. It’s a well-known theory that if we keep a schedule for the maintenance schedule for our vehicle, it stays in good shape and doesn’t cause a major repair. Sometimes the maintenance instructions come with the care in form of a book or log in which you need to check each task as you perform it on the vehicle and sometimes you need to just make one by yourself. In case the maintenance chart has come with the car and the owner doesn’t act on it, he or she violates the warranty and the manufacturing company won’t pay for any damage even when the car is still in claim period.

A car maintenance list or usually called a maintenance log is actually a book which comes with series of instructions for each part of the car. Each instruction includes the date, car mileage, the type of maintenance done on the care and the person who has done it. It also includes the receipts and schedule for the next checkup. Most of us don’t have that much money to buy a new car so we often get a car on lease and when the vehicle in on lease, it’s not actually ours until we pay the last installment so the lease company wants the owner to take care of the vehicle as per instructions until it’s company property and that is done by keeping a maintenance list. On this list you put the dates when you performed a particular maintenance work and the condition of the car before and after that work along with the name of the mechanic and workshop where the car was checked or repaired.

Here is preview of this Car Maintenance List Template,

Car Vehical Maintenance List Template

Here are the Guidelines to keep a Car Maintenance List:

  • Start by the date of purchase of the car along with the time periods to change the engine oils and brakes.
  • Also mention the last date when you had the maintenance and the next date when you are required to do it again.
  • First of all, the most important thing is the engine oil which has the biggest influences on the performance of the car so you need to make sure if it’s in good condition or needs to be changed.
  • Then check for other lubricants such as brake oil, suspension oil, hydraulic lubricants and others.
  • Then examine the tires to see if they are still good for the vehicle or it’s time to change them.
  • Buy a gallon of cleaning water and thoroughly clean the radiator to remove the dust and rust particles.
  • Check for the battery terminals if they are loose or there is carbon around them. Clean them with cloth and CTC liquid.
  •  Count all the repairing tools back in the trunk to see if everything is in order and the spare tire is also in good condition.
  • Inspect the electrical circuits of the car by an authenticated workshop to make sure if there is no problem in the wiring of the car.

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