Birthday Invitation Templates

Birthday celebration is very important event for children and hence it became crucial for elders to organize it in a way that please the kids. Inviting guests on Birthday parties is one of such task that requires carefully planning. It doesn’t matter if you are going to hire someone for this task or going to create your own Birthday Invitation Cards, what really matters is how professional it look like. Here are some Birthday Party Invitation Templates that can help you designing your own home made invitations.

Here is preview of the first Birthday Invitation Template,


Download Birthday Invitation Template 1


Download Birthday Invitation Template 2


Here are some useful tips:

1.       Match the invitation with party theme:
Most of the times, when a child’s birthday party is planned, there is always a theme that brings out the best in the party. For example, a cow boy theme in which you arrange the party in the backyard and all the kids wear cow boy costumes or a fairy party for your baby girl in which you order a castle for her and the other kinds at the party. It’s important that you mention the theme of the party in the invitation card or better, make the card matched with the theme of the party.

2.       Be creative:
It is a good idea to order readymade birthday invitation cards when you have money but don’t have enough time but when you have a lot of time to spare and it’s days prior to the birthday party, it’s better to make your own invitation cards. You can ask the birthday child about what they need to see or want on their invitation cards or you can just let them do whatever they want with the cards.

3.       Make your baby the star:
It’s not a good idea to ignore your own child while planning his birthday party. As you make him special in the entire party, he should be the only important person on the invitation cards too. You can make customized cards or put your child’s photo on the invitation in order to make him feel more special.

4.       Always include the basics:
It is important that when you invite your friends or only their children, you include all the required information on the invitation card. The information such as the location of the event, time, date, duration, the theme of the party, the food that will be available, the playing fields and your contact numbers for any kind of unusual situation.

5.       Let the parents know about the party:
Although a birthday party is always about kids and they are the only ones that enjoy these types of parties the most but you can’t ignore the parents who are coming with the kids. This is why it is very important that you include all the information and party related details on the invitation cards. For example, many children are allergic to peanut butter and if you are going to have that in your party, it’s better to inform the parents before so that they can keep an eye on their children.

6.       Inform guest about what should they bring:
It includes the theme of the party that what kind of gifts the guests are required to bring but if you are planning an outdoor party like in a zoo or a park, you can also inform your guests to bring some kind of food items along with the gifts for the birthday child. This way, your party will have a lot of types of food items and you don’t need to prepare all of them by yourself.