Emergency Call List Template

There wasn’t any concept such as making an emergency call list before 2005 when a British ambulance worker thought of this idea and spread it out in the world. He proposed that each person should have a list of contact names, contact numbers and addresses which is called “In case of emergency” list. This way • Read More »

Emergency Contact List Template

An Emergency Contact List is something that you always keep with you in case you get yourself in some trouble or unusual situation. This list is equally useful if you keep it in your pocket on the road or at your home for the convenience of your child or other family member. This list can • Read More »

Vendor Contact List Template

No matter in which field you are working or what’s the main theme of your business, at every point of the business, you need number of vendors or suppliers to keep the business running. A vendor is also a businessman who provides you what you want or need at the rate that you agreed upon. • Read More »

Nail Services Salon Price List Template

People have different styles and usually like totally different kind of fashion as compared to someone else. Although men don’t consider their skin and body parts as important as women but some men do. Usually it’s only the women who have lots of appointments for hair styling, skin care, manicure and pedicure which also involves • Read More »

Food Shopping List Template

There is no way to find what’s important according to each one out there but it seems that mostly people consider food and eating as the most important part of their lives. This is the reason that no matter what’s the occasion and where it’s taking place, it always involves food and eating and if • Read More »

Supermarket Shopping List Template

You might have not noticed it but it’s a fact that when you walk inside a supermarket and you look dozens of aisles, rows and shelves, you want to buy everything even the stuff that you don’t need at all. The thing is that when someone came up with an idea of making a supermarket, • Read More »

Salon Menu Price List Template

It’s a fact that women are most possessive about their skins as compared to men and they take extra care for their looks, styles and health in order to stay beautiful and look young. A man goes to a hair salon only when he wants to cut his hair or color them where women on • Read More »

Books Price List Template

Do you know what the things that a customer wants to know when he walks into a shop are? First of all, he wants to know if the shop sells the products that he wants to buy and secondly he finds out their prices. Now either he can ask the salesman about the above mentioned • Read More »

Wholesale Price List Template

Basically there are two types of prices for a product or service; one is the retail price and the second is the wholesale price. The retail price is offered to all the customers and it usually costs more where the wholesale price is offered only to selected customers or those who buy stuff in bulk • Read More »

Wedding Invitations List Template

Weddings are like the most important and often happening social events in almost every culture. Some people celebrate it privately where others invite hundreds of guests to share the happy moments with their friends and relatives. A wedding is considered to be the most common occasion to meet all the family members under one roof • Read More »

Household Inventory List Template

Life is full of surprises and unusual incidents so you never know what’s going to happen the next moment or the next day. Although you can’t stop it but you can certainly prepare yourself for such a time. For example catching a house or apartment on fire is a very common thing and thousands of • Read More »

Household Chore List Template

A Chore List is a document that includes all the household tasks that need to be done. It’s also called a honey do list or chores or household repairs because usually it’s made by one spouse for another. Generally this list is made by the wife who stays in house and take care of kids • Read More »

Sales Log Template

In business and accounting world, a sales log which is also called a sales or finance journal is a written documented proof which is used by accountants and bookkeepers to record sales or purchase of an account or any product. The main purpose and key advantage of a sales log is that by looking in • Read More »

Rolling Action Item List Template

How many of you have worked with a to-do-list but didn’t find it very effective or helpful? Probably most of you will agree to the fact that this list is not that effective at all and you have to work hard to remember each task written on the list either it’s essential or not. Some • Read More »

Holiday Wish List Template

Basically there are two types of wish lists; one which is written to enlist the gifts one wants to receive and second, a list which includes the gifts he wishes to give his loved ones. Most holidays don’t require you to buy gifts for your friends and family members where some occasions are meant to • Read More »

Equipment Inventory List Template

In order to make any business successful or an organization to perform in the right way, it’s essential to keep an inventory list. There are dozens of methods of keeping an inventory and businesses use them as per their situation and requirements. This is the perfect way to count the housed goods in the warehouse • Read More »

Birthday Gift Certificate Template

Birthday gift certificate is an inexpensive and personalized gift to send someone on his/her birthday therefore you can personally design a birthday gift certificate to send to your friends, relatives or child on their birthdays. It looks really boring to give a book, vase, antique piece or any other ornament like this because everyone usually • Read More »

Fitness Gift Certificate Template

Everyone wants to give a great gift to his/her friends and relative but that time is gone when you were used to send greeting cards, art pieces or any other materialistic gift to your friends. Now your friends like to receive something creative as well as healthy and that can be a fitness gift certificate. • Read More »

Hair Salon Gift Certificate Template

Hair salons usually offer lots of great services like different special haircuts and hair dye to their customers. Different procedures are used in order to promote different hair salon services. It is important to target your top services in order to get the attention of target customers. You have to get some information about the • Read More »

Babysitting Gift Certificate Template

On different occasions people exchange materialistic gifts with each other but often people throw these gifts by the wayside after sometime therefore people now like to present gift certificates. Gift certificates are also considered as best way to promote your business therefore different business organizations like to use gift certificates. If you are offering babysitting • Read More »