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Card Envelope Templates

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There are two types of Envelope Templates being used. First one is for enclosing your cards or letters while the other one is for money. Here are some Card Envelop Templates that you can use to create professional quality envelops with little to no efforts at all. Here are two different designs of these templates. Choose the one you like most. You must need MS Word to edit them.

Ever thought of giving money gift? Well never hand over the currency notes to the receiver of this gift. Just imagine for a moment how odd this will look when you are giving money on someone’s birthday. This is considered gravely bad in some cultures such as Chinese; Chinese being the most sophisticated gift presenters and have a special artistic touch in the packing, so must you. There are envelopes for this purpose and you can easily buy them.  But why buy a predesigned money envelope when you can design your own, in which you can express your true feelings according to the event.

Here are previews and download links of these Card Envelop Templates,


Download Card Envelope Template 1


Download Card Envelope Template 2

Let us make a money envelope, so stay with us:

  • First of all choose the material for your envelop; it can be plain paper, card paper (not very hard), fabric, cover paper or any such material of your choice. Make sure the material should be durable in case you are planning to post this.
  • The design is all what you are imagining about the person and the event. Design also varies from age group to age group and from event to event; you can’t design a Barbie doll envelope for your grandfather or a crescent themed card for Christmas. So the design should have relevance.
  • The color theme should be in accordance to the event. So choose accordingly.
  • It is a good idea to add objects like paper flowers and other things on the envelope just to improve its look and make it more interesting.
  • Ribbons and colored strings can be embedded to give a more enchanting look.
  • Make sure to carefully paste the edges of the envelope when you are making it into shape. Do not miss the corners and also do not flood the envelope with too much glue or you might spoil the material or may be the whole design.

Remember that there may be other money gifts too; so what will make yours special for the receiver is this envelope which is expressing your feelings. So give your best shot.

Free Quotation Templates

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In every business, you need to prepare and submit quotations. Here are a couple of good looking Quotation Templates that will assist you in the job of creating professional quality Quotations for your clients. These quotation templates are preparing using MS Word and hence can easily be edited after downloading. One can easily record as many items as he/she want in these quotations. Moreover, it also has roam for tax and related expenses. These Quotation Templates are free to use and anyone can download from the links below.

Quotations play an important role in the business initiation today. Customers are more interested in acquiring and comparing the quotations than to go straight away in the business deal with any businessman or company. Quotations give the customers a good enough idea of the prices and the services or product features which will be provided to them on the said cost. Quotation is not only helpful to this member of a business procedure; in fact the businessman or the company is also comfortable through the quotation that the customer is well aware of their deals and offers and there are bright chances of them getting this deal done. This gives rise to a healthy competition in the market where there are a number of businessmen competing against each other.

Quotations are to be designed with extreme care and expertise since it is sort of the first documented impression which your customer is going to have from your side. To design the quotations in a professional manner a few important things should be kept in mind; in order to not only get the deal done with the customer, in fact to leave a good impression and to convince the customer’s will to tend them to come to you. It can be turned to a sort of marketing weapon, if done properly.

Here are previews and download links of these Free Quotation Templates.


Download Quotation Template


Download Quotation Template 2

To design the quotations in a professional and effective manner; one should keep the following few important points in mind while working on a customer’s required product quotation.

The first and foremost part of a quotation includes the name of the referee and the company name (if the customer is related to another company you are doing business with) and the address of the customer. This should be done in complete details and without any mistakes to leave a good impression. A few complimentary words can be added as starting lines to express a sense of gratitude for their interest in your product or services; but this must not be pulled to a long hi-hellos.

After the starting, be brief and to the point about your quotation. Answer the queries the customer might be asking you and answers must be readily understandable without any complexities. The product or service or whatever the customer was interested in should be described to full of your knowledge and to enhance the market of your product/service; but the customer must not be misguided at any point.

Include the timing delays if the products are to be shipped or if the services are scheduled to be provided in the future. This will help the customer and you as well in adjusting accordingly. Quotations are usually written from over the waters, so keep the timing factors and distances in mind since it is a must to-do professional approach.

Inform the customers about the pricing or cost of products/services. If there are any other charges like that of shipment or other clearances included in the deal, specify them as a separate point so as to avoid any confusions amongst both of you. Any terms and conditions attached to the deal must be mentioned.

Project Management Dashboard Template

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Here is Project Management Dashboard Template for everyone looking for managing a big project. This dashboard template make your life very easier while managing different schedules, tasks and issues. It has a pretty feature of bringing in the summary of all schedules, tasks and issues on first sheet. It also give you best way to use collapse menu and groups using excel sheet.

Project management has never been an easier task for the people involved in the management procedures. These include all the people in the chain including contractors, engineers, sub engineers, over seers and project heads in whatever field the project is related to from construction, electrical projects and large industry projects. These management tasks can also be from the field of business where companies have projects of their own like sales, marketing and any such project. Project management has been an important job since the last few centuries and has evolved over time to a much advanced form which we see in the present day world.

People used to manage the projects verbally and by using paper aids, notebooks, journals and time tables and personally interacting with the work. Due to increase in the pace of work and the size of the projects which has increased to a much larger ratio as compared to the previous centuries, those methods tend to prove very slow, unreliable from data handling and calculation point of view and difficult to manage. To tackle the problems in project management and issues related to the large and complex projects, advanced technology and computers have been utilized.

Overall, this work book contains following four sections,

(1) Summary

(2) Schedules

(3) Tasks

(4) Issues

Here are some previews of this project dashboard template,


Here is download link for this Project Management Dashboard Template

Download Project Dashboard Template

Project management dashboards are amongst one of the main weapons of project managers which assist them in accomplishing the victory of project completion without much wastage of time and also being reliable. Project management dashboard is computer software which handles all the complexities when a project is in process and assists the project manager in calculations related to the budgeting, time tracking, resource management and project completion etc. Project management dashboards provide a very easy to interact and dynamic user interface which enhance their usability to a much greater extent than any other computer software. This software is easily available on the internet in both, standalone software form and also in MS Excel template form; standalone usually the paid and templates being the freeware.

A few from the key elements of project management dashboards are described. Take a look at the following:

  • These are available both online and offline form. The online version enables multiple project managers to stay in touch while they are working at different locations of the same project.
  • A section of project summary is there which gives a quick preview of the project situation including deadline, budget and the completed percentage of the ongoing project.
  • Different aspects are also represented graphically, in the form of pie charts, bar graphs and line or dot graphs giving a good idea about the facts to the observer (manager). These might include the financial data, project completeness representation, cost management representation and milestones. These are usually designed to be represented by attractive, techy meters and other figures which are liked by the users very much.
  • In business related projects, the dashboard software has a section related to the payments that cover the pending, cleared and other payments.
  • Important notes and notifications are also managed to be inserted at relevant places during the project is going on.

Money Envelope Templates

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Are you going to give someone money on special event such as wedding ceremony or birthday? It always looks matured if you deliver money in envelope. Moreover if you choose some custom Money Envelope that is not available on normal shops then it adds value to your presentation. It shows how much love or attention you have for receiver. Here are some Money Envelope Templates to quickly assist you in this task.

Why man is considered the most elegant from all of God’s creation? One aspect comes in part of the traits of sophistication, manners and etiquette with which He bestowed the man with and distinguished from all His creations. Man tends to adopt this discipline in all of his actions sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously and is always attracted and admires this aspect of the personality either in himself or wherever seen. God has placed this in his nature and he can’t retreat from this beautiful gift. This sophistication has led man to give rise to new designs and elegant presentation techniques in accordance with the events and from different perspectives to live a beautiful life.

Money has been an important factor in lives of all of us since ancient times. At several occasions money is presented as a gift to both kids and elders, depending upon the nature of the event. People send money or handover money gifts on birthdays, weddings, vacations, homecomings, religious festivals and many other occasions round the year or in their lifetime. The concept may be in money gifts is to allow the receiver to buy a gift for themselves of their own choice; although there are no known logics for money gifts to us.

Here are previews and download links of these money envelope templates.


Download Money Envelop Template 1


Download Money Envelop Template 2


Download Money Envelop Template 3