Rack Card Template

Business cards, flyers, brochures and gift certificates are some famous tools in the paper marketing as these are considered as inexpensive and effective ways to grab the attention of target market. Rack card is a good addition in paper marketing materials because these can effectively sell your products and services with a pithy design and • Read More »

Library Card Template

Library is an important place where you can find collection of books to get information on different subjects. It is a physical building or room to provide physical access to the important study material like books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, films, maps, documents, microform, cassettes, videotapes, discs, audio books, databases etc. Libraries range in size according • Read More »

Identity (ID) Card Template

An ID card is one of the wisest and most beneficial creations of Man. It is basically unique to every person, male or female, and is proof of the person’s identity. Identity cards are one of the most important possessions of every citizen of a country, student on an institution, or employee of an organization. • Read More »

Free Catering Flyer Templates

Flyers are inordinate tools to advertise a new or existing catering business. To make any business successful, proper marketing and advertising is mandatory because this is the source using which you announce and promote your latest or up-coming products or services to the prospective audience. Starting a new catering business means going to battle with • Read More »

Sample Business Agreement Templates

Business agreement is first official document between business companies before starting a business partnership formally. These business agreements define terms and conditions between both partners and consist of critical agreements among the peers getting ready to continue for future business. Business agreements carry high importance in today’s business community as they are essential in understanding • Read More »

Night Club Flyer Templates

An Entertainment Business like night club inevitably needs a flyer to advertise their event, party, or promotion among the people. Usually they are made to attract the target audience. So a good design of night club flyer makes the first good impression. Definitely while designing the original marketing materials like flyers, good design and professional • Read More »

Days of Week Label Template

A label is a tiny piece of paper which is stuck on a box, product or any other object to tell its description and to inform the reader about any specific instructions to handle it. It’s not possible for all of use to have a definite knowledge about a product and how to use it • Read More »

Consumer Commodity Label Template

These days’ people are changing their buying behavior as now most people prefer to shop online instead of going out or carrying the product by themselves. This way a person visits a website, chooses the product he wants, orders it and asks the supplier to deliver the product at his doorstep. Although he has to • Read More »

CD or DVD Label Template

CDs have become the most convenient way to store digital data and to backup the important files from a computer or laptop. Whether it’s an office or a house, you will find hundreds of CDs and DVDs containing music, photos, movies and backup files regarding work. This way it’s not an easy job to track • Read More »

Calibration Date Label Template

If a company is manufacturing products or appliances, it’s possible if their quality changes over time to time. This is why it’s very important to constantly keep an eye on the equipments that are making those products. As a machine operates, it may changes it’s measurements as the parts always reduce or extend their sizes • Read More »

C.O.D. label Template

A collect on delivery or COD is a different type of payment arrangement in which the customer pays after he has received the product or service rather than paying before. The most common example of this procedure can be seen in pizza delivery or online shopping. You call and ask to deliver a pizza at • Read More »

“Big Scary Laser” Label Template

There were times when industries and manufacturing units used to cut or weld different elements manually with huge tools and welding equipment. That involved a lot of time and more than one manual worker. But then a revolution came and industries converted their cutting or welding processes to lasers. A laser is a very powerful • Read More »

Batch Label Template

Production of different items or products has many ways in the manufacturing world and one of them is called batch production. In this process the items are made in groups and go through number or processes in different stages together. Making single items is an expensive process so the manufacturing units use this batch process • Read More »

Baby Shower CD Label Template

Baby shower is a party which is organized to celebrate the happiness of a woman who is going to be a mom. As this is kind of a feminine party, so it’s usually arranged by the female friends of that pregnant woman or her family members like mother, sisters or cousins. A few years back, • Read More »

Address Label Template

Sending products or delivering the ordered items through cargo service is a standard procedure of business these days. People prefer to buy stuff online and ask the vendor or seller to deliver them at their doorstep. This way they have to pay the extra charges for the shipment but they get the product without going • Read More »

Wedding Photography Price List Template

There are many occasions when you need to save the moments so that you can relive these moments in the future. Wedding ceremonies are by far the most important and biggest occasions when people want to take photographs so that they can take a look at the taken pictures later and remember their feelings and • Read More »

Travel Packing List Template

The most important and key advantage of using a travel packing list is that it’s very hard and complicated for most of us to remember each and everything that we need to pack for a trip and even if you keep remembering the stuff that we will pack, it’s possible that by the time that • Read More »

Annual Report Template

Here is an Annual Report Template that can assist you in the creating your annual financial reports. This report template is created using MS Excel 2007. So you need it or some later version to edit or fill-in this template. As the name indicates this annual report is a detailed description of the activities and • Read More »

Real Estate Proposal Template

An effectively written proposal is an important part of the real estate transaction as every involved person precursor to execution requires a well-written real estate proposal. The proposal is not a legal requirement, therefore it is important to highlight this point in the contents of the proposal. Real estate proposal enables you to request all • Read More »

Website Proposal Template

Website proposal can be written in many styles; therefore it is important to consider the style and requirements of organization while writing a website proposal. The proposal should be written according to the expectations of the customers to give a personalized touch to it. You should include some key elements in the website proposal to • Read More »