Real Estate Proposal Template

An effectively written proposal is an important part of the real estate transaction as every involved person precursor to execution requires a well-written real estate proposal. The proposal is not a legal requirement, therefore it is important to highlight this point in the contents of the proposal. Real estate proposal enables you to request all • Read More »

Website Proposal Template

Website proposal can be written in many styles; therefore it is important to consider the style and requirements of organization while writing a website proposal. The proposal should be written according to the expectations of the customers to give a personalized touch to it. You should include some key elements in the website proposal to • Read More »

Project Sponsorship Proposal Template

An important project Sponsorship proposal is really important for your future, therefore it is important to take some time to write a winning proposal according to the needs and requirements of prospective Sponsorships. You can be successful by considering important guidelines given by the Sponsorship to write a project Sponsorshipship proposal. You should have good • Read More »

Food Discount Voucher Template

Money and coupons are ways of shifting sources to people in living in different under developed areas. Beneficiaries get cash or coupons which they can then use to gain access to basic foods in the market. Voucher exchanges are support to individuals or families in the form of document or digital entitlements which can be • Read More »

Discount Coupon Voucher Template

A Coupon/Voucher is a tool of promotion in the form of paper that can be used for discount on purchasing different products. Discount Coupons/Vouchers are offered by the producers or suppliers to the consumer and they may be distributed through a mail or other marketing means. A Coupon/Voucher is used to convince the consumers to • Read More »

Check Voucher Template

A check voucher is a combination of check and voucher. It is also known as a remittance advice, the voucher gives the details of the reasons for the payment of the check by the issuer. The person receiving the check separates the voucher and keeps it for record keeping before cashing the check. A check • Read More »

Business Voucher Template

Business vouchers are basically for newly established enterprises who want to make their place into the market and need marketing strategies to enhance their functioning of products into the market. These vouchers are offered by professional universities and institutes that offered such programs to enable new enterprises or businesses to establish properly and make their • Read More »

Loan Payback Period Calculator Template

Payback period is referred as a time required recouping the funds expended in an investment or to reach the break-even point. The payback period is important to determine for the success of any project, because it will help you to know about the desirable investment positions. Payback period is calculated as: Payback Period = Cost • Read More »

Retirement Income Tax Template

Retirement Income Tax Template is a MS Excel 2003 Template for those looking for a way to file their Income Tax Return during their retirement time. This is professional template and can suit anyone’s need perfectly. No doubt, effective retirement planning is the key to ensure a healthy and tension-free retirement life. Income tax is • Read More »

Investment Record Template

Maintenance of precise and up-to-date investment records is really important for the business organization. The investor should have proper tool to keep the investment record. Usually, the business owners invest a lot of money, time and efforts to run their business, but they fail to realize the importance of documentation. Every business owner tries to • Read More »

24 Month Sales Forecast – MS Excel Template

This is a 24 Month Sales Forecast Template that allows any businessman to track 24 month sales forecast for any Fiscal Year. This includes product price as well as quantity variables to record sales. This Sales Forecast Template is very useful for inventory related departments or companies. Forecasting is a particular term that is used • Read More »

Organogram Template

Here is a simple yet comprehensive Organogram designed in MS Visio 2003. This organogram chart assists you in the office and staff management. The good news about this chart is that it is very easy to use it if you have basic level of Visio usage skills. So what you are waiting for, click on • Read More »

Loan Calculator Template

There are different loan calculators that are available to calculate various loans and existing mortgage. People have different perceptions about home loan calculator, because they thought that it can simply calculate your repayments. There are a number of calculators that can perform a variety of useful functions. The loan calculator helps you to evaluate different • Read More »

Commercial Invoice Templates

Here are three invoice templates ready to be downloaded. These are Free Invoice Templates that anyone an download. One of them is generic invoice template while second one is stub invoice while the last one is service invoice template. These invoice templates are best suited for small to medium size organizations to generate invoices whenever • Read More »

Project Task List Template

Do you have one or more projects to manage. You must be looking for some project task list template to organize your project tasks easily. Here is one such template. This Project Task List template is prepared in MS Excel and provides very easy to use interface and handy feature set. The beauty of this • Read More »

Task List Template

Here is our first OneNote Template which is a Task List. It help you to create your own task lists with time tracking. It is easier to edit and very handy in daily use. Despite from complex nature of this field, it has simple design and basic look & feel. Projects are divided into several • Read More »

Free Franklin Planner Templates

Frenklin planner is sort of management system that is created in paper form. Mainly it is made of loose leaf paper and comes in ring binding. This planner can also be said a small private book that is used to manage personal records and information. Some people have used it as their book of bibliography. • Read More »

Card Envelope Templates

There are two types of Envelope Templates being used. First one is for enclosing your cards or letters while the other one is for money. Here are some Card Envelop Templates that you can use to create professional quality envelops with little to no efforts at all. Here are two different designs of these templates. • Read More »

Free Quotation Templates

In every business, you need to prepare and submit quotations. Here are a couple of good looking Quotation Templates that will assist you in the job of creating professional quality Quotations for your clients. These quotation templates are preparing using MS Word and hence can easily be edited after downloading. One can easily record as • Read More »

Project Management Dashboard Template

Here is Project Management Dashboard Template for everyone looking for managing a big project. This dashboard template make your life very easier while managing different schedules, tasks and issues. It has a pretty feature of bringing in the summary of all schedules, tasks and issues on first sheet. It also give you best way to • Read More »